Single 2016

by Mirrors

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released April 25, 2016

Produced, recorded,mixed, and mastered by Yuuki Shinozaki (残虐 recordings)
Artwork designed by spetsnaz from GO-ZEN



all rights reserved

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Track Name: Hypocrisy
You can’t lie to me

Everything about you is disgusting
Your words with hypocrisy are full of shit
The truth is always hidden
Minorities are eliminated by despotic majorities

Eliminated under the name of corrupted justice

The dependence you had
It loses my string
You have been paranoid

Your wound you show off
Which had healed for long
But you dig over and over
You take advantage of the tragedy

Nobody is gonna care about you
But you make up your own enemy
I'm fed up with your sermon

You pretend like you are struggling
You are filled with an empty pride
Then you start talking shit

Fuck you all

People like you love touching stories
By consuming it,
You can get palliative pleasure

Among those posers
It spreads like a drug

You blind your ugliness
Can't realize your hypocrisy

The ugly evil inside you grows bigger
And you crave more
Your hypocrisy
Your blinded belief
Fuck your pathetic shallow idea
That you never realize

Minorities are eliminated by despotic majorities
Under the name of corrupted justice
Track Name: Dulled Mind
In this impassive world,
You are fed by the synthetic truth
The lord eats up your life
Dulled minds are obedient
Ignorance always brings you comfort
Now all your senses are numb
Under the new conception,
You are fed by his ordure

Shut out this reality
Humanity is rotting out

There is no definite truth in this world
Don't ask for it from others

Your belief is just a delusion
Nothing is gonna be better
Stuck in the wall

Loneliness agitates your soul
And fear grows inside
Nothing can get it out of you

Loneliness agitates your soul
And fear grows inside
We are doomed to wander alone till the death comes

You did not find the solution for the fear
Just gave up your freedom
Now you can't live without the collar any more
Just enslaved and controlled

The tragedy is brought by totalitarianism